Is it time to retire?

Is it time to retire?


But not just yet.

Stupid is as stupid does!

I have a list of big races and challenges I want to do, all going well I will have them done in the next four or five years then I genuinely think it’s time to pack it in! I hope by then all itches will be scratched, I’ll have achieved a list of races no other Irish person(or any person) has achieved so what would be the point in going backwards to shorter races when I’ll have hopefully achieved, if not then at least attempted some of the toughest in the world.

This August I take on Solo Race Around Ireland. I have completed it as a 2man 2015(still hold the third ever fastest time) and was part of the first and only Irish 2man to finish Race Across America 2017 so i think I’ve earned my place to line up against the world’s best on August 25th and try hold onto them for dear life!!

RAI is 2200km non stop cycle to be completed in five days, I’m shitting myself but I honestly can’t wait to roll off the start ramp! I have a brilliant crew and they want to finish it as much as I do so I know they’ll push me beyond breaking to achieve it. Then it’s back to a bit of mountain running and gear up for the RAW 100mile ultra in the Wicklow mountains in December. I like cycling, but I don’t need to cycle. I NEED to run and I need to be up the mountains. I’ve only ran a couple of times since The Race in March and it’s killing me……

IF and I’m not using that IF for reassurance from anyone, I’m using it out of common sense and historical fact of how few finish, but if I finish RAI then I’m qualified for RAAM. If I finish free from injury and mental scarring then I would be mad not to carry the legs over to 2020 and attempt Race Across America solo, it’s the ultimate dream, if I survive that and can finish the 100miler in 20hrs I’ll qualify and try enter the Spartathlon 250km Ultra marathon a few weeks after it! Those two in themselves would be quite the year next year.

Race Around Ireland is billed as Europes toughest bike race and Race Across America is the world’s toughest so as far as I’d be concerned that would be the end of my endurance cycling as I have other races I want to try. There might be good deals going on my fancy bikes as ocean row boats are bloody expensive things!!

2021 would hopefully see myself and (I won’t use his real name for fear of him being made sleep in the shed so we’ll call him Big Andy for now!!) Big Andy become the first Irish duo to complete the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Row Challenge. Sure look, if I’ve cycled 3000miles non stop I may try row 3000miles non stop!!!

After the row then I would love to get a couple of the lads together, or by myself if they’re not dumb enough and head back to America and run the 2200miles of the Appalacian trails, covering 40-50miles a day and running like f#ck everytime we hear those strings from the movie Deliverance! Maybe throw in the MOAB 200 , UTMB and I’ll keep trying for a slot at the Barkley Marathon!

Anyway, that’s the bucket list, could be just talking out my backside. I could roll off the ramp on 25th of August , get as far as Newgrange and head for home! That’s the list, they’re the dreams, maybe they’ll remain dreams forever, who knows, but all going well and I get a sniff of a chance at any of them I’ll be ready and willing.

This craic takes up so much time and effort, it’s all consuming and it’s absolutely exhausting. I’ve been bolloxed since 2015!!! I’ll try get the list cleared and I would love to see what else I could do putting all the same efforts into something completely different, maybe attempt the Seven Summits, join our Dave in opening an Alpaca farm or more than likely park up in Lynchs bar for a couple of years. Who knows I might even make a start on that book, weren’t all great books edited on a bar stool!?

Keep an eye on the Spun Cycles social media pages for updates and I’ll try keep a regular blog/waffle piece going for those who want to read the world’s most boring blog!


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