2020 ya pr*ck!!

A very delayed update of what’s happening, not that anyone reads this waffle!!

So obviously Race Across America was cancelled. The plan was to tackle RAAM, give everything we have to finish it then return to pretending to run! But when you can’t control what’s beyond you (like some fucker eating an undercooked bat!) you have to adapt and adapt quickly. I knew RAAM was going to be cancelled but when it happened it hit me harder than I thought it would. It knocked the bollox out of me for a couple of weeks to be honest. Couldn’t look at the bike even though I was in the best shape of my life on it. Saying that though, while the legs were great and the head was mentally ready for the worlds toughest race, which I thought would be impossible, physically the other body parts like the neck, hands and feet still aren’t right after Race Around Ireland. I’m full sure Shermers would have kicked in after a couple of days so at least now I have an extra year to get that somewhat right.

Thankfully all my sponsors have stuck with me so I pulled up my big boy pants/bib-shorts and got back training. I owe it to them and I owe it to the Alzheimers centre in Navan. So with that I have made a pathetic return to running, I even did a couple of those tempo run things ye Strava geeks talk about!

Kerry Way Ultra in Sept is the next race. A 200km non stop mountain run along the Ring of Kerry.

Then I’m planning a wee fundraiser after that probably in October for the Alzheimers centre as part of my RAAM efforts. Ye all expect something big from me nowadays. I was thinking along the lines of drinking 3000 pints of porter, one for each mile of RAAM but I’m a hoor for the hangovers. So I started thinking about Everesting somewhere strange like Mamore Gap but its feckin miles away. So I’ve decided to DOUBLE Everest the Hill Of Tara. 244 reps non stop!!! I’ll keep ye informed!

After that then I head to England early January to take on probably the toughest Ultra in the world. The Montane Spine race. 418km non stop mountain run in the positively balmy conditions of the Pennines in winter!! No sleeping in beds, no support and no fuckin idea who or where I am. I honestly can’t wait for it!!

Then we might give the Malin to Mizen record a wee go before leading back to where I should be going next month and that’s FINALLY taking on the worlds toughest bike race in the Race Across America. 5000km non stop, cycling 22hrs a day. Then it’s time for sweet sweet retirement because the way I see it if I’ve done the toughest run race and the toughest bike race and IF I finish them both then what else is there to do!

As always, if you want to keep up to date follow my ChasingBreaking_GrahamMacken and Spun Cycles & Spun Run. Pat from Raven Photography is making a documentary about my RAAM attempt and possibly my Spine Race attempt which will make for over18 only viewing I’m sure! If my wee races motivate you or if you ever want any info, advice or help with races just shout! If its fuckin Ghandi quotes ye are after I’m not your man!! There’s enough of that shite on Insta!!

Keep an eye out for the Double Everest challenge. You are more than welcome to join me for a few reps!!


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