Even a stopped clock is right twice a day!

I don’t always do what I’m told but with something as big as the worlds toughest race looming over me I thought it best to listen to my coach, crew and my rapidly aging and crumbling body!

With the hip giving way once again during the Double Everest Run attempt I have decided to postpone the Kerry Way Ultra and the Montane Spine Race until after Race Across America. Running the risk of injury mid January during the Spine would certainly derail my attempts at giving everything I have on RAAM. I hope to WANT to only do RAAM once but seeing as I am still seeing some damage from Solo Race Around Ireland in 2019 I don’t think it will matter what I want by the time I reach Annapolis. It will more than likely end my Ultra cycling journey or certainly pause it for a few years.

With that in the back of my mind I want to give everything I have to RAAM and if I can’t cycle again after it then so be it, my plan is to go full tilt at the Ultra running then anyway so after several days of sitting on what to do we decided that nothing is to be done until RAAM except riding my bike. I owe it to my family, my crew, my sponsors, you guys and myself to give it everything we have. After the last two years of cancellations next years solo field is said to be the best to ever toe the line. While I know I’m not physically capable of actually winning the thing against professional cyclists I want to give my best shot at the Irish record and wouldn’t it be something special if I could take home the King Of The Mountains award the same as Race Around Ireland!!

How I’m going to sit on a bike from now until June with no running or events I don’t know but Bernard has promised me he’ll make me suffer like never before and that’s good enough for me!

If the training and body is right then a few weeks out from America I’ll give the Mizen2Malin record a shot!

We are still making the documentary on RAAM and Spine, still six months apart from eachother but just back to the original order they were meant to be done in!

Also myself and the crew are still hoping to hold that Q&A night about RAAM/Spine and all the past events that we were originally meant to have in March last year before that bollox ate the bat!

Thanks for reading my waffle!

One thought on “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day!

  1. Probably a wise move Graham but sometimes wise moves are hard to make😁. Best of luck with the training. Wouldn’t be for me personally but each to there own. Hope the body holds up for all👍


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